Kathryn E. Graber
Professor of Anthropology
Indiana University

Research interests: 
-Mass media
-Language politics
-Digital media
-Language shift and endangerment
-Ethnography of institutions
-Historical anthropology
-Socialism and post-socialism
-Race and ethnicity
-Central/Inner Asia, Mongolia, Russia, Siberia.

2017     The Kitchen, the Cat, and the Table: Domestic Affairs in Minority-Language Politics. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, August issue.

2016   The All-Buriat “Ray of Light”: Independence and Identity in Native-Language Media. REGION: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia 5(2):175–200.

2015   Finding “Their Own”: Revitalizing Buryat Culture Through Shamanic Practices in Ulan-Ude. Problems of Post-Communism 62(5):258–272. Co-authored with Justine B. Quijada and Eric Stephen.

2015   The Local History of an Imperial Category: Language and Religion in Russia’s Eastern Borderlands, 1860s–1930s. Slavic Review 74(1) (Spring 2015):127–152. Co-authored with Jesse D. Murray.