Jenanne Ferguson
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
University of Nevado–Reno

Research interests:
-Linguistic anthropology
-Sakha Republic
-Indigenous languages of Siberia
-Multilingual practices
-Minority language revitalization and maintenance
-Ideologies and ontologies of language
-Language and urbanization
-Verbal art and ritual language
-Language and social media

Recent Publications:
(2018, forthcoming) Words Like Birds: Sakha Language Discourses and Practices in the City. University of Nebraska Press.

(2018) What does language advertise? Ethnographic branding in the Linguistic Landscape of Yakutsk. Language Policy 17(1): 23-54  Co-authored with Lena Sidorova.

(2017) Signs of Non-Recognition: Colonized Linguistic Landscapes and Indigenous Peoples in Chersky, Northeastern Siberia. In Northern Sustainabilities: Understanding and Addressing Change in the Circumpolar World, Fondahl, Gail, and Wilson, Gary (eds.), pp. 139-145. Springer. Co-authored with Lena Sidorova and Laur Vallikivi.

(2016) Code-mixing among Sakha-Russian bilinguals in Yakutsk: a spectrum of features and shifting indexical fields. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology26(2):141-161.

(2016Language Has a Spirit: Sakha (Yakut) Language Ideologies and Aesthetics of Sustenance. Arctic Anthropology 53(1):95-111.

(2015) Is it bad that we try to speak two languages? Language ideologies and choices among urban Sakha bilingual families. Sibirica 14(1):1-27.