About the Project

This website acts as a zone of interaction between global scholars of the Siberian region, with the express intention of fostering a communicative approach to Siberian scholarship. From inception to completion, academic projects are provided an interactive medium for presentation and assessment—articles, research projects, conferences, and other pursuits will all be placed into a global nexus of collaboration. The Siberian Research Collaborative Network is also a public platform for the exhibition of professional Siberian scholarship in a non-academic format and a space for interaction between the professional and public spheres, with content aimed at encouraging a collective discussion over the problems of both modern and historical Siberia.


Collaborating Institutions

Siberian Studies initiative at Indiana University

Our goal is promoting a Siberian research agenda, supporting graduate training and ongoing scholarly pursuits. This project is the work of an interdisciplinary team of faculty, including Tatiana Saburova (Department of History), Kathryn Graber (Department of Anthropology and Department of Central Eurasian Studies), Ben Eklof (Department of History), Ed Lazzerini (Department of Central Eurasian Studies), and Russell Valentino (Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures).

The current projects of Siberian Studies at Indiana University include: the Siberian Collaborative Research Network website as a joint project with the Irkutsk Center for Independent Social Research (an autonomous, non-commercial organization founded in 2002).  The website serves as a hub for research, education, communication, and as a zone of interaction between global scholars of the Siberian region. Participation in the annual International Young Scholars of Siberia Conference to present and discuss interdisciplinary research projects on Siberia. Participation in The International Summer Baikal Workshop to bring together scholars from the different regions of Russia, Europe, and the USA for interdisciplinary discussion.

Funding is provided by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York awarded to the Russian Studies Workshop at Indiana University.

Siberian Studies at Indiana University is supported by the Russian and East European Institute of Indiana University.

круглый лого

The Irkutsk Center for Independent Social Research

The ICISR focuses on research and educational projects related to Siberia, and on organizing conferences and workshops, such as the International Baikal Summer Workshop (since 2008) and the International Conference of Young Scholars of Siberia (since 2013).

The ICISR runs our Russian partner site, Сибирский контекст.

Key projects of the Center are supported by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.

Join the Network

The Siberian Collaborative Research Network is an interdisciplinary project. We invite scholars of Siberia from history, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, geography, political science, philosophy, museum and memory studies, as well as film directors, photographers, journalists, and writers. If you are interested in the examination of historical and contemporary Siberian life, please consider joining the network!

If you would like to participate in the Siberian Collaborative Research Network, please contact us at SiberianResearchNetwork@gmail.com for more information. When you e-mail us, please include a list of research interests, publications, and a photo that you would like included on your personal SCRN page.